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A large number of fresh graduates feel helpless while building his/her CV because they couldn’t make their skill section much rich. Without any skills and outstanding capture on that, they are treated as an ordinary person. The corporate world is all about proving the ability to work in a tight condition and extract the best outcome. But without having the appropriate knowledge about the corporate world and the must-needed skills it’s hardly possible to grab the best position.

To work confidently and to be ahead of anyone else at every stage of the corporate world one must need some skills and extraordinary performance to prove themselves. Besides, one should have some experience to enter the job market as a fresh graduate. Keeping this in mind, Learn Shop is another initiative by Black Brains for creative minds where enthusiasts minds who want to develop their career in the corporate world will get proper nourishment through some outstanding courses.

LearnShop is arranged with some corporate-oriented important skill development courses with quality content exclusively for undergraduate students.

In this current time, there are too many organizations providing recorded courses to a large number of students at such a high price without maintaining the quality. We, Black Brains, are always motivated to try something different. LearnShop is designed without any negotiation with the quality. We are determined to deliver the best of us. Blackbrains formed the Learnshop courses confirming the direct contact between students and the teachers in a live class where we pick only a few students and we are glad to say that the courses we offered only 21-71 BDT.

Besides, for a better understanding, we are providing well-detailed class lecturers and recorded videos of the live class and evaluating students by different strategies. Here students are warmly allowed to ask any type of question-related to the topic to the mentors through the live class. Students are evaluated by the corresponding engagement to mentors, Quizzes, Short questions and several tasks from previous classes.  

We are helping our students to be the smartest ones in writing their E-mails with the wisest courtesies and nurturing them to develop a top-class CV on their own where we are providing the best skill development courses to them which are adding the highest value to their CV. Besides we are offering courses on different office management tools that will help a graduate to enter the corporate market with a base that will help them to be shortlisted one step ahead of others.

We, Black Brains believe that the courses we are offering in LearnShop is going to be the greatest place of hope for the student who wants to see themselves at the top of the corporate world.gf It is just another step from Black Brains for those students who cannot find themselves in them. Through these courses, we are trying to teach them the best thing they needed for their upcoming career and trying to ignite the light of hope into their soul which will help them to find themselves in the first row of the corporate world. 

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