Corporate Simulation Program (CSP), a successful initiative of Black Brains which is designed exclusively for the undergraduate students that offers proper corporate grooming and mentorship free of cost to introduce them to the real corporate world and reach their desired destination. It is a 14 days virtual internship program for the young individuals where the interns get the opportunity to know the corporate cultures, etiquettes and the overall corporate environment by completing different tasks and joining several grooming sessions.

The story behind this journey is to see the smile of the youth minds and spread happiness by introducing them with some real challenges of the corporate world and think out of their boundary as well as prepare them for their future challenges. With the aim of “groom-to-be-better” Black Brains has launched its very first CSP program in July 2020 with sixteen interns. And now the number of the interns turns into 292 after conducting 8th successful edition. In this meantime, CSP has also reached more than hundreds of institutions all over the country including the abroad universities.

Corporate Simulation Program is thus designed with various corporate related tasks and activities and many skill development sessions. The tasks include corporate presentations, business meetings, professional email writing, application for a job, lead generation, case cracking etc. And by completing these tasks and several informative sessions, interns can get the chance to enrich their practical experiences of corporate.

After the completion of the internship program, Black Brains also offers awards to the interns on different categories like best team leader, best team player of the edition etc. to encourage them and keep up their spirit for their future success.

However, Black Brains strongly believe that one day these interns will lead the nation with their talent and dexterity and spread happiness in society. We, Black Brains always believes in spreading happiness and by this program we are trying to fulfil our dream as well as the dreams of others. 

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