Black Brains started its journey 3 years ago when a bunch of promising young minds got together to introduce innovative solution for the health sector adversities in Bangladesh with a vision to provide affordable and quality health care facilities in remote places. Over the years Black Brains has introduced various innovative social business ideas and models. These efforts got national as well as international attentions and recognition.



Black Brains is of the youth, by the youth, and has always dreamt of working for the youth.

When scarcity is spreading all over the world; scarcity of food, scarcity of resources, scarcity of compassion, and above all, a scarcity of good leaders; at such times, the world needs more and more sustainable ideas. It needs its young minds to come forward and brainstorm about the issues which are hindering us from moving forward, towards efficiency, towards a better future.

Black Brains leads in the innovative solutions with Black Brains official facebook and LinkedIn pages for the engagement of the young passionate minds, and its official website for a greater information and announcement hub.

We, the Black Brains, started our journey in 2017 with such an idea focusing on the health issues faced by Bangladeshi marginalized rural communities, ‘Project Medisheba.’

After its successful execution, we understood two significant points: there are more problems than people working on to solve them. And It is high time our youth should concentrate on social issues and be aware of their moral duties.


After some more successful endeavors, when we were researching on what initiative to take as a part of our new project, a question suddenly hit us and left us appalled as there was no answer yet.

After completing their graduation successfully, the youth of this country face the toughest battle of their lives, a battle to find a secure job. But wherever they apply, they often get rejected and are repeatedly reminded that “You lack experience.”

But how will they gather experience when there is no part of their academics focusing on it? Also, opportunities between the Dhaka-based students and the outside ones are not the same, which creates a huge gap. And eventually, most of the students coming from outside the capital fall behind in this unfair competition.

Finally, to find an answer, we started our ‘Corporate Simulation Program,’ which offers the undergraduate students proper corporate grooming & mentorship free of cost to achieve their desired job and establish themselves in the corporate world. This 14 days long program offers our trainees to work in a simulated office environment where they are recruited as virtual interns. We have developed an evolving and unique program outline to give them the best office experience, first-hand knowledge, and scopes to develop their interpersonal skills.

After that, gradually, we started our third initiative, ‘Project Lighthouse.’ It is a series of Facebook Live sessions where our honorable speakers discuss a selected topic and answer some highly asked questions by the youth. Participants get a chance to interact with high-end corporate personalities and learn answers, which they could not find anywhere else.

Our motto behind starting this project was to make career guidelines more available to our students from any background and eliminate all career-related confusion.

In 2021, we successfully published our first online magazine, ‘Torch.’ It tells about our mission and vision and includes details of all our initiatives with motivating words written by the honorable mentors.

Black Brains is a youth-led non-profit organization.

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