Tareq Ahmed
Keynote Speaker
Black Brains

Tareq Ahmed is a very sensitive & compassionate person who always prays to Allah. He is the Capacity
Building Coordinator of Centre for Disability in Development(CDD) that works in partnership with a
network of over 350 organizations both nationally and internationally. Throughout his corporate life, he
has a long experience working with many organizations which makes everyone curious about him.
His clients include: Former senior trainer of Diversity and Inclusion at Centre for Disability in
Development (CDD), Former head of Training & Development Section, Human Resource Development at
Centre for the Rehabilitation of the Paralyzed-CRP, Former Adjunct Faculty member of Bangladesh
Health Professions Institute – BHPI, Former Executive of Human Resource & Administration at Savar
Textile, Business Development Consultant at IPDP, Enlisted Professional Trainer at Bdjobs Training, IPDP,
Leadbd, School of Sales Management, SME Foundation and so on. He is also the Founder and
Coordinator of Learning Society of Professionals and currently he is learning Architecture.
As he is a Capacity Building Specialist, he certified Talent Management Professional at International
Federation of Professional Managers – UK and also certified Parenting Coach from Developmental,
Encouraging and Effective Parenting – DEEP.  He is a Writer, Career Counselor and has vast knowledge as
a Content Developer. According to him, “Learning is my passion, Sharing is my profession”.

Abdullah Al Mamun
Black Brains

Abdullah Al Mamun is experienced Senior Manager with a demonstrated history of 17 years working in
the Banking, Telecommunications and Construction industry. He is highly skilled in Banking,
Telecommunications and Construction industry. He is also skilled in Business Planning, Customer
Lifecycle Management, Facility Management and General Administration, Project Management,
Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Operation Management, Business Continuity Management
(BCM), Risk Management, Trained Lead Auditor on Occupational Health and Safety Management. He has
performed his duties as General Manager at Grameenphone and as Vice President at Robi Axiata Ltd.
Currently he is working as Head of Corporate Services, Bangladesh at HSBC.

Naim Rahat
Black Brains

Naim Rahat is an eminent “Business Development Expert”. He is currently working in the largest
BPO/ITes company in Bangladesh in the Business Development team. He has vast experience working
with startups as well as established corporates locally and internationally. His collaboration to his
subordinates is undoubtedly impressive and the desire to make them efficient by providing flawless
direction & support is more than admirable. Mr. Rahat, accomplished “Business Development Manager”
offering 5 years of experience driving revenue through building and maintaining client relationships. He
is a creative and dynamic marketer with excellent negotiating skills. He is an outstanding exemplary,
communication and in-person meetings to establish presence and build a positive brand while fostering
continuous client engagement. He is such an adept at, “working effectively to achieve goals both as a
cross functional team member and individual contributor”.

Massimo Brebbia
Guest Speaker
Black Brains

Massimo Brebbia is an Extraordinary person who have widely knowledge about industrial Management.
He is experienced on Oil & Gas dates back to 1996 when he started in the industry in subsea asset management.
Now he is a Chief Operating Officer at NDE Offshore AB. He works across the Middle East with clients such as Aramco, ADNOC, QP, QG, KJO, Total, BP, Shell, Exxon, McDermott’s, Saipem, Subsea7, and others.
He was former Regional Manager in Marine Survey Service.
He was former Managing Director and Former Regional Director Marine Asset Integrity MEI in Fugro. In 2017, he led the regional strategy for Fugro across the Middle East, India and Caspian Sea.
He is widely skillful on interpersonal, leadership and industrial management skills.
He is consistently work at the Board, CEO, and Senior Executive Level, with strong relationships with most of the Chief Executive Officers in the Upstream Oil & Gas market in the GCC.
He believes that he is a natural business developer at heart.

Assem Mousa
Guest Speaker
Black Brains

Assem Mousa, a dynamic person who has expertise in different sectors. After completing his study in Electrical, Electronics and Communication Engineering Technology at Cairo University, he did his PhD in Information Technology at the University of Bristol. He is the author of the book named “Cloud of things”. He started his career as the head of the wireless communications system branch in Egypt-Air Company in 1998. Due to his hard work and dedication, he became the supervisor of the installation and maintenance of computer networks. Then he became International ASDF Africa President at ASDF, where his activities and efforts were remarkable. He also worked as a Global Good Will Ambassador at Richard foundation. Now he is the chairman of the International Human Rights Advisory Council. He also has some voluntary experiences. Not only he is the winner of the best industrial researcher but also recognized internationally as an E-Commerce global expert.

Benjamin Addo Akuteye
Guest Speaker
Black Brains

Mr. Benjamin Addo Akuteye is the Sales Team Leader at Fidelity Bank, Greater Accara, Ghana providing
leadership, development and operational support to a team of 20 Fidelity Sales Executives and ensure
that they canvass new profitable business through a collaborative approach with all relevant business
partners and stakeholders within the branch network. He has a long experience working with many
organizations (Barclays Bank, World Quality Co. Ltd. CIBAH HEALTH CONSULT) in his corporate life which
makes everyone curious about him. Mr. Benjamin Addo Akuteye is a pioneer of the corporate world and
his background is truly inspiring and full of learning.

Jishu Tarafder
Guest Speaker
Black Brains

Mr. Jishu Tarafdar is a sensational person who has over 35 years of professional experience in diverse areas including hospitality management, general management, hotel & resort development, hospitality education, corporate training, executive coaching, inspirational speaking, sales & marketing, market research, customer service, business development, organizational development, entrepreneurship, leadership and corporate wellness.
He has an extraordinary quotation which is, “There are three kinds of dreams: sleep dream, day dream and action dream. Dream your Action Dream BIG!”.
During his long professional career, he has inspired numerous individuals & organizations to achieve their respective mission, vision and goals because he wants to contribute extensively in creating better world through various human development and philanthropic activities.
He considers himself as the world’s best learner and also believes in creating a positive impact in people’s lives through speaking, training, coaching and monitoring.
His philosophy is to adopt a minimalistic, simple, eco-friendly and artistic lifestyle incorporating the best human values in life.

Kristina Ivanciv
Guest Speaker
Black Brains

Kristina Ivanciv is an amazing person who has a vast experience in voluntary work. She has expertise over more than 6 languages. As she has a Bachelor’s degree in Tourism Business Management, she started her career as a restaurant manager in 2009. Then she switched her career from restaurant manager to real state intern at DoBe group. Since then she has a dream of working for mass humanity as well as the future of humanity. That’s how she thought of starting her career as a volunteer. Currently she is working as an international volunteer at ALLATRA International Public Movement. It is a non-profit volunteer organization where they are committed to uniting all the nations in friendship based on cultural and moral as well as spiritual values to bring world peace. Out of politics and religion, they strongly support creative cooperation between different people across the planet.

Alina Fedorova
Guest Speaker
Black Brains

Alina Fedorova is a sensational personal who has vast knowledge in many sectors. She started her career as a head of medical department at Via Travel SA which is at Geneva. Then se joined as the director of Administration at The International Fencing Federation (FIE). She is the co-founder of Orion Solutions DMCC as well as the president of Consultancy Company Saisons Suisse. But she has a thirst for working with mass humanity discussing on different topics like psychological, science, educational, analytical programs and so on. That’s why she chose working as an anchor at ALLATRA TV. Not only she is an anchor but also an international volunteer at ALLATRA International Public Movement which is a non-profit volunteer organization where out of politics and religion, they strongly support creative cooperation between different people across the globe.

Aleksandra Grynevych
Guest Speaker
Black Brains

Aleksandra Grynevych, an international volunteer at ALLATRA International Public Movement as well as an employee at Nestle. She plays tremendous role and has gathered great experiences in her career. Due to her determination to work, she never stops to fulfill her responsibilities towards mankind. That’s why she choose to work as a volunteer for the betterment of mass humanity. At ALLATRA TV, she gets the chance to discuss on different topics like psychological, science, educational, analytical programs and so on. ALLATRA International Public Movement mainly is a non-profit volunteer organization where they are committed to unite all the nations in friendship based on cultural and moral as well as spiritual values to bring world peace.

Md. Ahsanul Haq
Black Brains

MD. Ahsanul Haq is one of the prominent figures in Engineering & Corporate field. He is an experienced
Assistant Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the architecture & planning industry. He
has a vast experience as an “Engineer” with a demonstrated history of working in the Electrical design &
planning industry as well. Previously he has worked as Assistant Engineer at Studio Ecotecture Ltd. Mr.
Haq is currently working as a Project Manager at Progress Assurance BD Ltd.

Arafat Shovon
Black Brains

Arafat Shovon started his journey in the corporate sector at ACI Logistics Ltd. (Shwapno) as a Point of
Sales Associate. After only 18 months, he upgraded his position to become a Telemarketing Executive at
EDGE IT LTD. And it was Contractual. After the contract being fulfilled, he again was upgraded to the
position of a Sr. Telemarketing Executive at Tellus International Pvt. Ltd. And obviously he didn’t stop
there. Currently, he is providing Admin Support to a renowned College in Sydney, Australia under a
Project of Progress Assurance Company as he is the Business Development Manager of Progress

Waqas Victor
Guest Speaker
Black Brains

Mr. Waqas Victor, a resident of Pakistan who has experience working for international organizations. He
is currently working as a Sales Manager at CT Event Asia, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, providing their
customers with a unique forum to strengthen their market position through the new business
conference questions, advanced training and networking opportunities. Previously he has performed his
duties Assistant Manager of Corporate Sales at Institute of Enterprise Risk Practitioners, Project
Manager at Fleming Gulf Conferences, Sales Team Leader at Fleming Gulf Conferences & amp, Executive
Finance at Pak Elektron Limited (PEL). Mr. Waqas Victor is a pioneer of the corporate world and his
background is truly exemplary.

Md Rasheduzzamn Kanon
Master Speaker
Black Brains

Md. Rasheduzzaman is performing his duties as a Lecturer at Department of English in Pundra
University of Science & Technology. Throughout his bright academic and successive corporate career, he
has set many glorious examples for the youths as an achiever.

Iqbal Hossain Moral
Keynote Speaker
Black Brains

Iqbal Hossain Moral is currently working as a Lecturer at Northern University of Business and
Technology Khulna. Throughout his student life and bright career, he has set many great examples for
the youths as an achiever of goals.

Sanjida Alam
Black Brains

Ms. Sanjida Alam, a Progressive Engineering Professional started her Career as an IT officer. She is
accomplishing her purposes as IT coordinator at Le Meridien Dhaka. She has achieved prestigious “Vice
Chancellor Award!” from AIUB.

Nur Nahar Liza
Black Brains

Nur Nahar Liza, a practically experienced engineer at workplace, who believes “Life is about creating
yourself.” She has experience working with both government and non-governmental organizations.
She’s experienced real situations at the workplace that she thinks others can learn from this experience.
Her clients include: Assistant General Manager in Bangladesh Palli Biddyut Samity & Resident Engineer
in a consultancy firm named Studio Ecotecture Limited.

Umar Faruk Apel
Master Speaker
Black Brains

Umar Faruk Apel is an experienced Human Resource specialist. He started his career as an Intern of
Roxy Paints Ltd (Head office, Dhaka). He has a successive career as a Human Resource Executive, (HR &
Admin) for Ahmed Group. Throughout his long successive corporate career, he kept adding jewels in his
crown of experience. He has proved his excellence as PGD in social compliance (Bangladesh Institute of Human Resource Management), as a Member of Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) and also as a
Member of Compliance Society.

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