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If we ask you today to tell us a short story about your life in a metropolitan city, what are you going to tell? The 24/7 busy crowd, the uproar of the vehicles, the hassles, and the hecticness of daily life; aren’t these the traditional ingredients of our lives in a big city? Water clogging, traffic jams, daily banters with delivery boys, and amid all these, our constant struggle to maintain a quality lifestyle in a city that never sleeps. No matter how individual we are, this storyline will always bind us in one common thread.

The lives of city dwellers are rendered with different services to make their routine a bit more hassle-free. Service-providing companies have to face high competition to reach appropriate consumers and establish a loyal customer base. The faster you deliver quality products, the more you receive satisfactory remarks from their ends. 

Nevertheless, the qualities of these services, which are supposed to offer you a good quality life, are often questionable! 

So today, here we are, searching for effective and sustainable ideas to mitigate the daily life problems in metropolitan cities and offer our citizens a more easy-going lifestyle.

With this object, Black Brains is presenting you ‘Ideation 1.0’ with a motto of “Innovate to Elevate

Competition Guidelines

Benefits of Participation

  1. All the participants will be awarded Certificate of Participation.
  2. Grooming Session will be arranged on virtual platforms by experts with all registered participants on “How to pitch an idea and how to present them “
  3. Shortlisted teams will have exclusive grooming session regarding the competition.
  4. Exciting opportunity for all the participants to learn from the experts in live sessions.
  5. Ideation enables participants to work in an interdisciplinary team with partners from different domains.
  6. Networking opportunity with the industrial experts and like-minded personalities from a plethora of domains.
  7. The ideation enables participants to brainstorm, visualise and ideate in a highly stimulating environment.
  8. Ideation is a perfect opportunity for the young undergraduates to sharpen their innovative thinking, leadership, analytic thinking, interpersonal communication and so on.
  9. The winning teams will get a tempting prize money and alluring gift hampers from the event partners with recognition.
  10. Exclusive opportunity for a team to get mentoring and financial support for establishing the idea with an investor. (if investors find the interest)
  11. All the eliminated teams will get proper feedback and guidance on the proposed idea.


Team Biggan Ovidhan

1st Runners Up
Team Leader: Abdullah Al Mamun
Member 2: Md. Sabbir Hossain
Member 3: Jihadujjaman Jisan


Team Leader: Shima Sultana
Member 2: Nawshin Hossain

Team Calcifer

2nd Runners Up
Team Leader: Raisa Rahman Rodela
Member 2: Kazi Naima Islam
Member 3: Tonima Shorony Drishty

Team Jalali Kobutor

4th Position
Team Leader: Md. Mahabubur Rahman
Member 2: Md. Tanjil
Member 3: Nusrat Jahan Trisha


5th Position
Team Leader: Ayesha Akhter
Member 2: Mohona Haque

Team Dude

6th Position
Team Leader: Rahat Mahmud
Member 2: Al-Amin Khan



Full Investment for Project
Prize Money: 7,000 BDT
Direct Entry in Next CSP
Free entry in Next Grooming Event
News Promotion
Gift Hamper from Partners


Prize Money: 3,000 BDT
Direct Entry in Next CSP
Free entry in Next Grooming Event
News Promotion
Gift Hamper from Partners


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